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  • Book error: "Loft Conversions" by Laurie Williamson, ISBN 1861263651, Pub. Crowood.
    • Figure 54 - The Builders Square - this figure shows the positions for the measurment of the 3-4-5 Pythagorus triangle in the wrong places. The measurements should be made to the corners of the triangle and not as shown along the sides of the triangle. (This will be corrected in a future reprint of the book (sometime after April 2002)).
    • Figure 59 A & B - Load bearing and non load bearing walls - the figures are labelled the wrong way round. Figure 59 A should be labelled as the 'non-load bearing wall', and Figure 59 B should be labelled as the 'load bearing wall'. (This has been corrected in a reprint of the book in January 2002).
    • The above were confirmed to me by Ken Hathaway, Managing Director (by email 5/4/2002), and by Robert Zealley, Editorial Manager (by email 9/4/2002).
  • NetGear Storage Central SC101 and a managed network - beware that each partition or mirror drive you create on this device generates its own MAC address. So you not only need to register the MAC address for the box itself - but for each partition as well. Easiest thing I found was to set it up behind a SmoothWall firewall box. This then allowed me to see what MAC addresses it generated and register them for unique IP addresses on our central network (15/7/2006).

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