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Good ideas & designs I have seen

An easy way to remember month lengths (5/6/2003). Personally I can never remember the saying "30 days has September, April, June and November. All the rest has 31 except February which has 28 [in a common year] and 29 in a leap year." But there is an easier way! Clench your fists and put your knuckles together (as in the photo below). Starting at the left or right, use the knuckles and low points inbetween the knuckles to represent each month. Left most knuckle is January and it is a long month, inbetween the first and second knuckle is February, it is not a knuckle so it is a short month, and so on!

picture of knuckles

Twist 'n Fix Wall Plugs (19/3/2003). I have just been reading the April issue of Practical Householder magazine. In the products section they show a new product by PlasPlugs for 'mis-drilled holes?'. It is a wall plug with an off centre hole for the screw. If you are drilling in to concrete or brick and the hole is not exactly where you intended it to be - then this product seems to be the answer!

Braking distance chevrons (26/7/2002). While driving south on the M6 last weekend past Manchester, there were chevrons painted on the road and a large sign indicating that at all times you should be able to see at least two chevrons between you and the car in front. A very simple yet effective indication. People seemed to be driving further apart where the chevrons were visible.