Ian's Ideas & Rants page

Have you ever gone to do a job and thought 'if only there was a ?, it would make this job a lot easier', or while performing some task on a computer and the software will not do what you want. Or maybe it is something that annoys you and you think 'I wish .....' or 'How stupid .....'. We all have things we want to rant about, this will be my small soapbox! My Mr Angry page. However, there is no point in just complaining, so I will try and offer some solutions as well.

This page includes a collection of ideas that I think would be very useful in day to day life, plus where two existing concepts could be joined to make some very useful products, small ideas and musings along the lines of 'I wonder why?', 'I wonder why not?', good ideas and designs I have seen and bad designs.

Many of the ideas listed here I would like to work on myself but time does not allow.

This is my ever growing list! Which uses this key.

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